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Mistypets Halloween Contest

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Mistypets Halloween Contest Empty Mistypets Halloween Contest

Post by mimirabbit on Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:41 pm

Hello! Here's the Halloween contest. Please write about your most scariest halloween and the spookiest one will win 1500 M-Coins! Good luck!

All participants get 300 M-Coins

Come in in peace... Come out in pieces >.<
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Mistypets Halloween Contest Empty Re: Mistypets Halloween Contest

Post by Pawprints! on Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:54 am

Since I don't go out trick-or-treating often, and therefore I cannot tell you about my scariest, spookiest Halloween, I think I'll create my own! :3

There I was. With my friends. Terrified. Amy, a friend of mine, once said that the woman who lived in Blueberry street was a witch. We had wandered too far. We had entered into her backyard, without knowing ourselves for we were chatting happily away at that time. Now, Ms. Donkeller was in the house, sweeping the floor with a broom. Joanne whispered that the broom was magical, and it was the magic broom all witches have, to fly on. I shivered. Still, we knocked on Ms. Donkeller's front door, and she answered. When she opened the door, we all screamed and ran out the gate, for Ms. Donkeller was dressed up as a witch for Halloween! It was later on, when I finally realized how silly I was....
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